1500W Single channel power supply
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ATTEN KPS3050DA 30V 50Amp.

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1500W Single channel power supply 

KPS3050DA 1500W Single channel, high precision, high reliability, CC/CV (constant current vs constant voltage), switching-mode power supply SMPS.

Product Feature

Capability Characteristics

The output voltage and the output current are continuously adjustable.

The device is stabilized and short circuit proof.

Ideal for usage in laboratories, schools and training centers.


Technical Specifications:

AC Input Voltage: AC220V.10%.50Hz;)

Measurement (H*B*T): 23*32*41 cm

Operation: AC 230 V ~ 50 Hz

Output Voltage: 0 – 30 V (adjustable)

Output Current: 0 – 50 A (adjustable)

Rated Output Power: 1500 W

Charging Time: 8 h

Weight: 7 kg

Function Environment: 0 – 40C.

Security Advice :

Before using the device, please check it for any possible damages. In case of damage do not operate it.

Unplug the device if you do not use it for a certain time.

The device may not become subject of mechanical stress and should not be exposed to humidity.

To be considerate of the ventilation do not cover the device and protect it from direct solar radiation.

Clean the device with a dry and soft cloth only.

Caution! Should the device itself get damaged, please let the repair to the manufacturer or to a qualified service agent.

Please dispose packaging materials properly and do not let play children with it.

The device itself is no toy either. Do not let children play with it too.


Function Element

1. POWER: On-/Off-Switch.

2. +: Terminal. Positive Outlet. Safety Nut.

3. -: Terminal. Negative Outlet. Safety Nut.

4. GND: Terminal. Grounding. Safety Nut.

5. CURRENT: Rotary switch for the step less adjustment of the output current.

6. VOLTAGE: Rotary switch for the step less adjustments of the output voltage.

7. Display of the effective output voltage.

8. Display of the effective output current.

9. CV: LED shows constant voltage.

10. CC: LED shows constant current.

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Export Markets: 

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

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