เพาเวอร์เฟคเตอร์คอนโทรลเลอร์ 6Step. " Energy Power "
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เพาเวอร์เฟคเตอร์คอนโทรลเลอร์   6Step.


        Series  reactive  power auto  compensating  controller is suitable for self-adjusting  capacitor  compensating devices  in low voltage  distribution system  (hereinafter referred to as controller)  and make power factor reach the presetting state by  user to increase  the  utilization  efficiency  of power  transformer,   reduce line  loss and improve voltage quality,   thereby to increase the economic and social  benefits.

2.Function characteristics

a. To calculate  the input-cut capacitance by reactive power,  with high precision compensation.

b.Power factor has high precision measurement,  with wide displaying range.

c. Initial  phase preset (homophony terminal of software adjustment  or current polarity ). 

d. With friendly human-machine interface,  easy to operate. 

e. All kinds of control parameters can be adjusted in whole digit.  It is visual and easy to use.

f. With two working modes:  Auto run and manual run.

g. With protection function of over voltage and under  voltage.

h. With power down protection function, so data will not lose.  

i.  With  low current signal input impedance < 0.01

3.Service Conditions

a. Altitude  does not exceed 2500m.

b. Ambient environment:  -25C - +50C

c. Relative humidity :  < 50%  at  40C   and  < 90%  at  20C.

d. There  is no corrosive  gas,  conductive dust, combustive explosive medium around

e.  No sec-ere  vibration in installation place.

4. Technical data 

 Rated working voltage  :  AC380V or  AC220V
 Rated working current  :  AC 0-5A.
 Out put  Contact  capacity  :  AC220V  / 7A.
 Displaying power factor :  Lag 0.001  - forward 0.001
 Measured reactive power :  0-9999Kvar.
 Under voltage protection value  : 320V.
 Control mode  : automatic selecting the best /loop         switch
 Sensitivity  :  60mA.
 Protection class  :  IP40 ( outer enclosure )


   Warning During the process of adjustment,  user  should  abide by the following adjustment steps.   The  one with * is the controller working under reactive power control mode.

 a. Assemble  the compensation device according to the demand of connection  diagram,  and then make a detailed examination  so as to remove the mistake the may cause serious potential safety hazard.

b. Switching in compensating device,  the controller enters into automatic state.

*c. Input the transformation  ratio of at site signal current transformer,  for  the  details see Parameter Preset.

*d.  Input  the  capacity  of capacitor of each branch circuit,  for the details see Parameter Preset

e. Operate "ENU" key to make indicator light of manual  run shines.  As one measure for debugging compensating device.  manual run can be sued for checking its connection correct or not.  Operate "NCREASING"  key,  one  capacitor group input,  and operate  "DECREASING"  key, one capacitor group cut.

Note : The output terminal,  the capacitor  value of which is zero,  can't perform  input and cut action.  The above operation can be without current signal. 

f.  In order to make  the controller automatically input and cut capacitor group,  besides user should put menu under menu of "Power factor " or  "active power" ,   the current signal should lag voltage signal,   and  the system voltage is not higher than over voltage  protective  value and is not lower than under voltage   protective value. 

6. Key Function

PFR-12 Key Function-0.jpg
 Parameter Preset
PFR-12 Series Parameter.jpg

Export Markets:

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

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