เพาเวอร์แฟคเตอร์ (PFC) 10 สเต็บ
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เพาเวอร์แฟคเตอร์ (PFC)  10 สเต็บ

Product Description

Quick Details
Place of Origin: TIWAN (Mainland) Brand Name: Energy Power Save Model Number: RPCF-12
Rated Voltage: 220V Rated Current: 5A Steps: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16
Outside Dimension: 144x144mm or 122mmx122mm or ... Installation Dimension: 138mmx138mm or 113mmx11...
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: exproting carton
Delivery Detail: 7days

1.More than 10 years exporting experience
2.Multifunctional, High precision
4.12 16 step
5.RS485 is optional

RPCF series reactive power automatic compensation controller, based on 16-digit micro processor, adopt Fourier progression decompose arithmetic, to get power fundamental wave data , the controller specially used for compensating reactive power in the power system with harmonic wave source.


1. Can be with RS485

2. Can used in Harmonic system

3. High measurement accuracy

  ( Option )

Techincal Parameters:

1. rated working voltage 380V 220V 110V 10%
2. rated working current 5A
3. rated working frequency 45-65Hz
4. power factor displayed lag 0.001-forward 0.001
5. measured reactive power 0 9999Kvar
6. measured active power 0 9999KW
7. absent voltage protection AC300V or AC 180V
8. capacity of output contact AC 220V 7A
9. sensitivity 20mA
10. display mode 4 digit red LED
11. total consumption 10VA
12. Outline size:
144mm 144mm or 122mm 122mm or 170mm 110mm
13. Opening hole size:
138mm 138mm or 113mm 113mm or 162mm 102mm
14. Mounting mode: plug-in mounting by inverse thread screw or
15. value setting scope:
a) Auto/Manual Automatic / Manual operation
b) Power factor 0.70ind-0.70cap
c) switching delay 2-200 S
d) capacitor discharging duration 0-480 s
e) over voltage Line voltage 400-450V(phase voltage: 230-265V)
f ) distortion rate 0.1-30.0%
g) CT transformation ratio 50-4000/5
h) C1 capacity 0.1-100.0Kvar
i ) Output code Pr-01-12
j ) Output circuits 1-16 circuits
k) communication address 1-255
l ) communication speed 4800 9600 19200 115200


Model Description:


Wiring Diagram

APFC Model - RPCF-12-16-01.gif