Intelligent Reactive Power compensation Controller
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WBK-ZNZ  Master Control  Intelligent Reactive Power Compensation Controller  /Data Sheet : Download
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  1. Capacitance to be switched is calculated based on the reactive power, compensation accuracy is very high. 
  2. Very high power factor measurement, wide display range. 
  3. Freindly&elegant LCD display. 
  4. Auto/manual operation mode. 
  5. Real-time display various parameter of the power grid. 
  6. With the protection function of overvoltage,under voltage,under current, over compensation, under compensation. 
  7. With the data protect function that the data will not be lost while power failure. 
  8. Input impendance of current signal is less than 0.01Ohm, high precision. 
  9. Network communication adopted, maximum output controlled loops is 99, so that compensation requirements for more loops can be fufilled. 
  10. RS485 communication interface and built-in MODUBS-RTU protocol is available, so remote monitoring can be fufilled. 
  11. Real-time detecting phased voltage, current harmonics, harmonic protection function is available. 
  12. 3phase simultaneous compensation, split-phase respective compensation, combined compensation is available.




Environmental conditions 

    1. Application site without corrosive gases, flammable or 
    2. explosive medium, or conductive dust. 
    3. Besides, there is no severe vibration, or rain/snow at 
    4. installation site. 
    5. Operational environment 
    6. Ambient temperature:-20C~+50C
    7. Relative humidity:20C,RH 90% 
    8. Altitude : <2500m

Export Markets :  

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe 

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2.ซื้อ     10    ชิ้น.   7,500 THB./Ea. 
3.ซื้อ     30    ชิ้น.   6,700 THB./Ea. 
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