Solar Marine Lantern
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Solar Marine Lantern

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Applying to ocean buoy, river buoy, aquaculture, offshore oil platform, port or other fixing and floating aids to naviation.


Effective intensity>40cd
Visible range>4 Nautical mile
LED colorred,yellow,blue,green,white
Vertical degree>7 Degree
Horizontal degree360 Degree
Light sourceLED
LED lifetime>100,000hrs
Autonomy>30 days(14hour darkness,12.5%duty cycle)
On/Off level300 lux +/+100lux,end user can adjust it
Flashing ratecomplies to IALA Recommendations, total 256 available flashing rate( steady burning,adjustable )
Power Supply-
Solar panelmonocrystalline silicon solar panel
BatteryNo maintenance sealed lead acid battery
Battery capacity12V/12 Ah
Physical Characteristics-
Integrated housingUV resistance polycarbonate
Temperature-40C ~ +80C
SizeHigh 370mm, Diameter 235mm
Installation dimension235mmX200mm
OptionExternal charging power
-GPS synchronization
-GSM faulty alarm function

Functions & Features

  • Based on LED technology, and its color complies to IALA Recommendations E-200-1.
  • Integrated design, enabling a rugged and completely waterproof seal capable of prolonged and deep immersion (IP68).
  • PC housing,UV resistance, shockproof and corrosion proof. With bird spike.
  • 256 kinds of flashing rate are available, comply with IALA.
  • Intensity is adjustable continuously. Photocell controls On/Off automatically and the value of luminance switch can be adjusted.
  • Built in sealed lead acid battery, free maintenance and easy for replace.
  • Extremely Reliable and cost saving.
  • External charging power is available( Optional).
  • GPS synchronization(Optional).
  • GSM faulty alarm function(Optional).

Mounting diagram(Unit:mm)

LED display instruction

1.When controller is without operation in 1 minute, LED display will be in sleeping model(no display).

2.Press any key of controller to awake LED display and enter into display status.

3.In display status, LED display will indicate current paye and corresponding value alternately.

Please see following LED display page, value and definition:

LED display pageValueDefinition
StAtonManually turn on the light. In this status, photocell is not effective and light will work all the time(Remark: light could not work much long terms)
offManually turn off the light. In this status, photocell is effective, and light is off.
AutoAutomatic. Photocell is effective.
FLSH000-255IALA flash character(flashing frequency). Please refer to the table of flash character
ELnt00cd-40cdEffective intensity
d2n000-999LIndicates the ambient brightness (in lux) at which the lantern LEDs will turn on in the evening.
n2d000-999LIndicates the ambient brightness (in lux) at which the lantern LEDS will turn off in the morning. (Remark:n2d setting value must be bigger than d2n)
bAtt(Non setting)12.0(example)Current battery voltage is 12.0V
gPS(Non setting)SrcHSearching for GPS satellite signal
goodGPS signal is ok

5.In setting status, LED display indicate current value.

Product File

  • Model:ML411A
  • Applications:Applying to ocean buoy, river buoy, aquaculture, offshore oil platform, port or other fixing and floating aids to naviation.
  • Standard:
  • Certificate:
  • Improve Records:
  • Fault Records:
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Export Markets: 

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

1.ซื้อ   2     ชิ้น.  41,500   บาท / ชุด
2.ซื้อ   5     ชิ้น.  40,000   บาท / ชุด
3.ซื้อ  10    ชิ้น.  39,000   บาท / ชุด

Product Warranty 5 year

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 LS-302 VDO. Guide.