18VDC / 10A / 180W. Programmable DC Power Supply
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18VDC / 10A / 180W. Programmable DC Power Supply

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power supplies.Resolution 1mV/0.1mA,You can adjust the voltage/current stepping by pressing the left and right keys to moving the cursor and programs by the front panel.OVP/OTP protection.IT6800 supports timer function and their built-in RS232 and USB communication interfaces offer you a convinience testing experience.


Product Feature

Convenient data entry via knob or numerical keypad

  1. High accuracy and resolution 1mV/0.1mA
  2. Remote sense
  3. Lower ripple and noise   
  4. List and timer fuction
  5. OVP/OTP protection

Technical Specifications:

Simple operation panel and list function


According to application testing requirements,users can edit or modify voltage &current value and time with keypads through IT6800A list function.Without software,once the power supply receives the trigger signal,the preset output waveform can output and change automatically.

Export Markets: 

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

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" ITECH " IT6800A Series VIDEO.