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Reclosing protection relays and earth leakage reclosing with external transformer

Communication Port : Non 

RGU-10 Data Sheet :  Download

RGU-10 Urser Manual :  Download 

CIRCUTOR Solution : Download

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The RGU-10 relays associated to the transformers of the WG / WGC series allow an smart earth leakage protection. Their design features guarantee maximum security and continuity of the electrical service, avoiding unwanted tripping. Showing the value of the leak instantaneously on the display with the pre-alarm indications provides the information about the state of lines being protected, thus allowing the implementation of an adequate preventive maintenance approach. In addition, version RGU-10 C with RS-485 communications is used with the Power Studio software, which allows the centralized supervision of the system in real time, with a record log that can be analysed later on.



CT Data Sheet : Download

Electronic earth leakage protection relay, used to connect to the earth leakage transformers WG / WGC Series

  1. Superimmunized Type A relay with high frequency current filtering and high immunity
  2. Monitoring of the true root mean square (TRMS)
  3. Display of data on the screenTwo independent programmable outputs (main and pre-alarm)
  4. External input for remote control functions ( 230 Vac).



Export Markets: 

North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

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Programming  RGU-10 VDO.